Dozens of Taliban were killed due to accidental explosion when discussing the attacks

In Afghanistan at least 30 militants of the movement “Taliban” killed in premature detonation of two suicide belts. On Friday, August 11, reports Khaama Press.

According to his information, the explosion occurred Thursday at a meeting of the Taliban in Farah province in the West of the country.

As told to local authorities, among the killed were several members of the high command of the Taliban. The Xinhua news Agency revealed that several militants were injured.

According to the press Secretary of the Governor of the province, the Taliban had gathered for a meeting to discuss plans for coordinated attacks on checkpoints. It was at this point and there were explosions.

Meanwhile, the Taliban (banned in Russia) refute these reports.

Khaama Press notes that this happened on the backdrop of the intensification of the Taliban in recent months due to frequent clashes with the military, and also undertaken at the international level attempts to restrict the actions of the militants in some areas. Xinhua writes that in April, the Taliban launched offensive operations in different cities of Afghanistan including Kabul. As a result, hundreds of people died and suffered.

Bordering Iran Farah province has long been a place of clashes between militants and the military.