CNN fired the commentator for the Nazi salute on Twitter

CNN fired the commentator for the Nazi salute on Twitter

CNN has stopped cooperation with the columnist Jeffrey Lord, who in one of the twitter discussions have used the Nazi salute. The message about the dismissal, the company had published on its website.

In this case the journalist said that his statement was misunderstood. He argues that ironically, ridiculing the Nazis, not to imitate them. “I love CNN, but in this case they gave up under the onslaught of the hooligans,” he said. The contract of commentator with the TV channel was signed until the end of the year.

June 9, CNN fired host and theologian Reza Aslan (Reza Aslan) who had previously spoken in his microblog on Twitter with harsh criticism of US President Donald trump. The dismissal followed a series of tweets leading, in particular, called the President a “piece of shit” and a “disgrace of all mankind.”

June 7, CNN announced the dismissal of three employees involved in published on the site investigation links former adviser to trump Anthony of Scaramucci with the head of the Russian direct investment Fund Kirill Dmitriev. The creators of the material claimed in the U.S. Congress are investigating the relationship of Scaramucci that during the world economic forum in Davos allegedly discussed with Dmitriev easing of sanctions against Russia. In the result of an internal investigation it was found that the material written by only one anonymous source that contradicts the editorial guidelines. The article was removed, and the monitoring of articles about Russia tightened.