Brother of missing miner allowed to mine “Mir”

The brother of a miner who disappeared as a result of emergency at the mine “Mir” in the Yakut city Mirny, to be allowed to go down into the mine. On Friday, August 11, reported on the website of the company “ALROSA”, which owns the mine.

“Today, the group of rescuers and volunteers, as observers, will be joined by the brother of a missing miner from Belgorod Alexey Marin, who yesterday in a media interview expressed distrust of the course of rescue operations and the adequacy of the measures taken”, — stated in the message. It is noted that a relative of a miner will see in what conditions a lifeguard.

On August 10, the brother of missing miner Dmitry Marina Alex said to “Rosbalt” that the authorities do not inform the relatives accurate information about the incident. “Rescue I in no way blame, but can not know what is under the earth, how many meters left to our children, and even we don’t know if they’re there where there are rescuers. Only see that everything is done slowly. Why stretches of time — it is unclear how and who benefits from it”, — he said.

Marin added that before the accident work at the mine came with the safety violations. According to him, breakthroughs water was also 24 and July 29.

On August 4, at the mine “Mir” has been a breakthrough of water. After emergency workers evacuated 142 out of 151. The next day we managed to rescue another miner Alisher Mirzaev, stuck at a depth of 410 meters. Eight miners remain missing.

After five days of searching industrial climbers checked all of the vent wells in podtoplentsam mine at a depth of 525 meters, but to establish communication with the missing miners failed.