Authorities of Moscow suburbs have found a way to shorten the term of liquidation of consequences of accident

In the Moscow region managed to reduce the term of liquidation of consequences of accident on the road 15 times through the establishment of mobile brigades, said the Minister of transport and road infrastructure of the region Igor Treskov Thursday, August 10. His words are in the press release received by the editors”.ru”.

“Construction of one accident-prone station infrastructure takes an average of two weeks, while previously this work has been from one month to 1.5 years”, — said the official.

According to him, specialists every day you find such sections and, if necessary, strengthen security measures in these areas. “This comprehensive work has helped to reduce the number of accidents and their severity,” said groans.

The Minister stressed that the experience to create mobile brigades for the prevention of accidents is unique not only for Moscow, but Russia as a whole.

Crews began work in April of this year. They are responsible for the prompt restoration of the road infrastructure after the accident. In particular, the specialists are responsible for installing fences, traffic lights and lighting.