VTSIOM estimated the “social health” of Russians

VTSIOM estimated the “social health” of Russians

All-Russian center of public opinion (VTSIOM) has studied how Russians view their situation from the point of view of material well-being and overall life satisfaction. The results of public opinion polls, United in a common study, “social well-being of Russians”, is at the disposal of RBC.

According to sociologists, in the summer months, most indicators of social well-being of Russians — such as assessing the financial situation of the family and the overall economic situation of the country, as well as indices of social optimism and satisfaction of life remain stable.

The only thing out of place “overall stability” in the estimates of the Russians — “the index of the General direction of development of the country,” which shows how citizens generally assess the prospects for the development of their country.

For example, according to a recent poll, 17% of Russians assess the economic situation of the country as “above average”, 25% of respondents rated it “below average”, 55% as “average”.

This is comparable to how the Russians assess the economic situation in the country in January this year. Assessment of Russians financial situation of their families remain stable for several months and is in line with the July 2010 and 2011, say sociologists.

“The index of life satisfaction and the index of social optimism” from the beginning, also does not show major fluctuations. That their life was in General satisfied, say 46% of respondents sociologists, another 25% said that their overall life is not satisfied, and another 27% partially agree with the first and the second. While improving the living situation for themselves and for their families expect 30%, and almost three times less (12%) give a negative Outlook. Another 44% of respondents believe that next year will live about as well as now.