Ural teenager reward for saving drowning pensioner

In the head office of EMERCOM in the Sverdlovsk region presented the award to the 15-year-old schoolboy Nikita Tarasov, who rescued drowning in the pond of a pensioner, told TASS in the press-service of management of emergency departments in the region.

“Uncle Pasha floundered-floundered and went under water. Thought he dived, looking for a minute or two he’s not coming up. I undressed and dived for him” — quoted the boy in the MOE.

The date and circumstances of the incident are not specified. The teenager pulled the drowning man — a neighbor of his family at the cottage — out of the pond and gave first aid. For this student you are going to award the medal “For the salvation of perishing on the waters.”

In March, two students of 8 th and 9 th grade Astrakhan school saved fell through the ice on the river channel children. They jumped into the water, drowning helped to get out of it, and then got out of the ducts themselves.