The teacher asked Kadyrov to watch the movie “Matilda”

The teacher asked Kadyrov to watch the movie “Matilda”

The Director called the head of Chechnya to form an opinion, and not to believe every word of the Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Polonskaya.

Moscow. 9 Aug. INTERFAX.RU — Director Alexey Uchitel calls Ramzan Kadyrov “not to believe in the word” opinions on the movie “Matilda” and is ready at any time to show a picture of the head of Chechnya.

“Disable can only in one case — when the violation of the laws of the Russian state. There are examination set by the responsible officials, the state people who watched the movie, that nothing is broken. I propose Mr. Kadyrov, all the doubters not to write letters, invite them to watch and then we’ll talk. And personally, they’re sure should be banned or not. And to believe the words of the Deputy (…) why take her word for it,” said the Director of “Interfax” on Wednesday.

On the question of whether the Director is to show a picture of the head of the Chechen Republic, the Director answered in the affirmative.

Please at any second, though the film is still not fully ready but we are ready to show. Alexei Uchitel

Earlier it was reported that Kadyrov sent a letter to the Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky with a request to exclude the Chechen Republic from the distribution certificate for the film screening by Alexei Uchitel.

The Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation “to Interfax” have confirmed the receipt of the letter and reported that noted, I will consider the request.

The movie “Matilda” will be released on October 26. He talks about the relationship between the future Emperor Nicholas II and the ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaya. The picture even before its release caused a wide resonance. In particular, it actively advocates against state Duma Deputy, ex-Prosecutor of the Crimea Natalia Polonskaya.