The situation at the mine “Mir” has deteriorated

The water level in podtoplentsam the mine “Mir” in the Yakut city peace continues to rise. On Thursday, August 10, reported on the website of the Siberian regional emergency center.

It is noted that the ground water gradually fill the mine workings. “The situation is complicated multiple blockages, large tube of clay. Most of the workings are completely flooded, but work for the salvation of men, we continue” — said Deputy Minister of EMERCOM of Russia Vladlen Feldman.

In the aftermath of the accident involved 320 people.

August 9, industrial climbers checked all of the vent wells in podtoplentsam the mine, but to establish communication with the missing miners are not found. Climbers have managed to descend to the bottom of the quarry to a depth of 525 meters.

4 Aug mine have been a breakthrough of water. In the first hours after the incident were evacuated workers from 142 151. The next day we managed to rescue another miner Alisher Mirzaev, stuck at a depth of 410 meters. The fate of eight miners is unknown.

The alleged cause of the incident could be a technological failure in a storage tank of water. The investigative Committee of Russia after the accident at the mine opened a criminal case under article “Violation of safety rules at conducting mountain works”.