The Russians want change


RIA Novosti

The desire for change replaces stability as the main request of the Russians in public life. This statement was made by General Director VTSIOM Valery Fedorov. His words RIA Novosti reported.

“For a long time the government provides stability, and this is probably a good idea, without stability, how? But now the request has changed […] Today the query on the stability goes to the periphery. […] here comes another request and we don’t need stability, we need the changes. We want to be free, we want to have more empowerment, we want to be more equal say, equal access to public services, the independent court, and so forth,” — said Fedorov.

Fedorov made his statement, speaking at the all-Russian youth educational forum “Territory meanings on the Klyazma”. The specialist noted that the revolutionary mood among the population appear not in crisis, and when the society out of crisis comes and begins to demand better living conditions. A request for stability remained the main Russian citizens since the 1990s years. Fedorov said that “to sell to the electorate stability — it is a thankless task”. According to him, currently in the political arena is a struggle for some image changes of the future will prevail.