The explosion at the point of reception of scrap in Chita killed two

In Chita in the explosion at the point of reception of scrap metal two persons were lost, one more got wounds. About it RIA Novosti said the official representative of the investigative Committee of Russia on Transbaikalian edge Egor Markov.

The incident occurred on the morning of Thursday, August 10, in the Railway area of the city on the Olympic street. According to preliminary data, exploded unidentified object.

Two people died, another hospitalized. “Presumably, it is the workers from the base. As far as I can tell, this point of reception of scrap. At the place of work investigators, the police and other services,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

Specialists blasters survey the area to determine how safe the work of investigators and specialists of other divisions operating in the territory. To determine the identity of the victims and the circumstances of the incident.

Houses located within a kilometre from the scene, threats to the residents there, said the representative of the RCDS.