Roskomnadzor did not consider the meme with the head of administration of Kurgan offensive


UPRAVLENIE roskomnadzora po Kurgan region found no insult in the meme with the head of the city administration Andrey Potapov, who was depicted in the image of the character series “Game of thrones” Eddard stark. This was announced with reference to the Deputy chief of Department on protection of the rights of personal data subjects and supervision in the sphere of mass communications Nina Krylov.

“We do not see here any abuse and, most likely, will advise to address in court” — Nina Krylova.

We are talking about the publication on a site “the Ural Meridian”, which is in the city of Kurgan called offensive. Author meme Ilya Winstein stated that they will not remove the material, and was surprised that officials have so much time to search myself pictures on the Internet.