RCDS opened a case on the murder of a dog in the suburbs after the article “Tape.ru”

The staff of the investigative Department of the TFR in the Moscow region opened a criminal case of cruelty to animals (article 245 of the criminal code) after the publication of the article “Tape.ru” about a battered and hung on the fence husky named Harvey. On this edition said the head of the animal protection organization “Zoopreme” Anastasia Fedjunina.

The dog was killed, allegedly, July 7 at the site of the President of the holiday village in Naro-Fominsky district, because she lived there strangled chickens. Before that, the dog escaped from the land of their masters.

Of a crime involving several people. There is evidence that the dog was tortured and hanged in front of children. One of the defendants has removed on video as the man throws on the neck of a husky rope. The record fell into the possession “of the Tape.ru”. It is noticeable that the dog didn’t show any aggression towards people. The dead dog was later carried outside of the village the local guard. He reported the incident to the owners of the dog.

In the local police Department, after testing, at the request of the owners of the animal, it was made the decision about refusal in excitation of criminal case. Animal rights activists wrote a complaint against this decision to the Prosecutor.