Off the coast of Yemen by the smugglers of migrants sank 55

The smugglers sank 55 people trying to get from Africa to Yemen. About it reports Reuters.

According to UN officials, the smugglers contracted to transport to Yemen 180 young migrants — natives of Ethiopia and Somalia, where hunger and drought. Those counted through the war-torn country to reach the rich Persian Gulf States.

However, when the shore was still far away, boat owners, fearing a meeting with the patrol ships, under the threat of weapons forced the passengers to jump into the sea and swim. Those who didn’t were pushed to the side. 55 people to reach are unable.

This is the second such case in recent days. Wednesday, August 9, the same smugglers, taking on Board 120 Ethiopians and Somalis, have also forced them to swim to the beach. Then drowned 50 people, the boat owners returned for another batch of migrants. The dead bodies in the sea still washed ashore, many of those who managed to swim, in need of medical assistance.

In total, since the beginning of the year from Africa to Yemen arrived about 55 thousand migrants. Most of them young men and teenagers aged 12 to 25 years old originally from Ethiopia, who plan to travel to Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other Gulf States. Despite the fact that this route passes through the war zone, many migrants have no choice, because it is the cheapest way.