Juncker pulled 27 thousand euros on the “very difficult” flights to Rome

Jean-Claude Juncker

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker spent more than 27 thousand euros of the “complex” flight to Rome on a private jet. During the trip he had read the documents and make notes. On Thursday, August 10, reports The Independent.

According to the publication, the Spanish human rights organization Access Info for several years sought from the European officials for the disclosure of information about their costs. That she was able to learn about spending 27,05 thousand euros for the “air taxi”.

Assistant press Secretary Juncker Mina Andreeva explained that such costs were justified by the fact that to buy a ticket on a commercial flight was not possible and needed to rent a private airliner. In addition, Juncker flew seven more members of the official delegation.

She also said that the flights on the “air taxi” is a very difficult job, because during the trip you need to “read the documents and do they mark”. “I think this way you would not like it,” said Andreev.

5 may 2017 the British tabloid the Sun reported that Juncker before the talks on Cyprus in Geneva “clearly drunk”. He was acting strangely and regularly ran into other people and furniture.