In USA 90% sales of bunkers due to the deterioration of relations with the DPRK

In USA 90% sales of bunkers due to the deterioration of relations with the DPRK

MOSCOW, 10 Aug — RIA Novosti. The American company Rising S which specializiruetsya on the creation of underground shelters reported an increase in sales of 90% over the past two weeks amid worsening relations Pyongyang and Washington, according to Fox News channel.

As stated by the Manager of the company, Gary Lynch, is particularly strong sales of bunkers have increased in Japan. “Significant threat from North Korea looming over Japan, people are worried” — he explained. According to him, the sales performance increased in the United States, after the news of Intercontinental ballistic missiles of the DPRK.

Relations between the US and North Korea deteriorated seriously in recent days, the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (KCNA) reported that Pyongyang is considering the possibility of a missile attack on an American military base on the island of GUAM. In response, the American President Donald trump has threatened the DPRK with “fire and rage” in the event of a threat to the United States.

North Korea in July conducted two tests of ballistic missiles “And 14”. According to the US, South Korea and Japan, missiles are Intercontinental. According to the military of the Russian Federation, released the DPRK of a ballistic missile was medium-range. DPRK, in turn, both times stated about the successful launches of Intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The UN security Council on Saturday unanimously adopted a resolution toughening sanctions against the DPRK. The resolution envisages a ban on imports from North Korea, in particular, iron, iron ore, lead, coal and seafood. Will also be frozen accounts of the Bank for foreign trade of the DPRK, and North Korean vessels that violated UN resolutions, will be permitted to enter the ports of all States. There are new sanctions against individuals associated with the missile and nuclear programs of Pyongyang.