In Moscow suburbs have stolen 10 out of 100 new models of cars of traffic police

10 tracks of the Moscow region in recent times was set to 100 models of cars in traffic police, but more than 10 of them have already been stolen. About the Agency RIAMA Thursday, August 10, Minister of transport and road infrastructure of the Moscow region Igor Treskov.

“We restored them, and ordered a new one,” said groans.

In an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, published on August 8, the Minister noted that although installation of dummy patrol cars “usually brings a smile,” accidents in areas where they are diminishing.

“While the driver will understand that flashing is not a real car, the speed he has time to throw. In areas with dummies until there was not one dead, and simulation of crew of traffic police exposed to the most hazardous areas. However, they have to alternate with these crews and “shuffle” on the roads, so drivers didn’t used to,” he said.

Tresckow also added that the Ministry plans to increase the number of such bogus and cameras photos and video recording.

TASS notes that theft of fake police car falls under article 158 of the criminal code (“Secret plunder of another’s property”). Convicted it could face up to two years of imprisonment.