In Khabarovsk territory at the mouth of the river stuck a 13-metre bowhead whale

In Khabarovsk territory at the mouth of the river stuck a 13-metre bowhead whale

KHABAROVSK, August 10 — RIA Novosti. Harp 13-foot whale stuck in the mouth of the river on the island of Great Shantar in the Khabarovsk territory, the issue of animal rescue, said on Thursday the Union “Reserved the Amur region”, which includes the national Park “shantarsky island”.

“On Thursday morning the Director fgbu “Zapovednoe the Amur region” Vladimir Andronov received information from the local inspector of the national Park “shantarsky island” that during the night tide at the mouth of the river flowing from the Big lake on the island of Big Shantar, went trinadcatiletnie kit. The inspector identified it as a harp,” — said in the message.

It explains that “neither to turn nor to go to the lake, a huge and powerful animal, in this narrow place.” “The question is how to save the whale”, — added in the message.

It is assumed that a whale was driven into the mouth of a flock of whales.

It is noted that the incident report sent to MNRE. The management of “Conservation of the Amur river region” is consulting with all known experts on the rescue of marine mammals. While there are consultations, the state inspectors of the national Park are trying to provide all possible assistance to the whale in place.

“During low tide, when the whale is dead in the water, state inspectors hydrate the animal, pouring water from the fire pumps. A captive whale has generated a lot of interest from tourists who are at this time on the island”, — is spoken in the message.

Shantar Islands — an archipelago with an area of 2.5 thousand square kilometers in the sea of Okhotsk. It is home to 240 species of birds, 30 of which are listed in the Red book of Russia. The Islands are rookeries of endangered seals — sea lions and spotted seals near the archipelago regularly notice of bowhead whales.