In Chuvashia decided to require drinking establishments to inform on children visitors

The Cabinet of Ministers of Chuvash Republic on 9 August approved a bill requiring owners of restaurants, bars and rumochnaia to notify parents in case of children in such places. About it reports a press-service of administration of head of Republic Michael Ignatyev.

The report said that the presence of children in such places, especially at night and without parents, may cause harm to their health and intellectual, mental, spiritual and moral development.

The Minister of education and youth policy of the Chuvash Republic Yury Isaev noted that, under the bill, employers must notify parents of children in these institutions in all possible ways, otherwise they face administrative liability.

While the parents go to the place after receiving such notice, owners have a duty to prevent the child causing harm, which it might obtain.

If you can’t contact your parents, owners of establishments should call the internal Affairs bodies.

The draft law was sent for consideration to the state Council of the Chuvash Republic.

In 2017, the Federal government has developed a draft strategy for formation of healthy lifestyle of the population. In particular, it is proposed to specify on the bottle the maximum allowable daily dose of alcohol in milliliters, to prohibit Smoking VAPI and electronic cigarettes in public places, and restrict all forms of advertising of junk food, sweets and carbonated drinks.