How disputes are resolved around the school dress code

How disputes are resolved around the school dress code

In one of the schools of Tyumen Schoolgirls are forbidden to wear pants — and the parents disagree. In the midst of preparation for school “Газета.Ru” talks about the controversy surrounding school uniforms, which flare up every year.

In anticipation of the beginning of the school year in Tyumen there was a scandal. At school № 92 parents of future first-graders warned that to study the girls allowed to wear pants. Trying to figure out the reason for the ban, mother of one of the girls heard the unexpected explanation: “I went to the reception to the Director, asked whether it was true that the classic pants are prohibited? And what are the arguments in favor of this decision, — told the portal Ura.Ru a resident of Tyumen, of Olga Zenkova. He said the first argument — Russian mentality. I look at him and I just have no words. And he said the pants peredelyvayut girl bodies in puberty”.

Interview with the Director of the school ended for the inhabitant of Tyumen, a proposal to change the school — the principal reported that the pants is prohibited in all city schools.

However, it turned out to be false — calling the other schools, mother of the first grader learned that there is no ban on pants for girls in a city where winter skirts and scary to think not. And interviewed her gynecologist, of course, very surprised at the suggestion that the pants can also affect the sexual maturation of girls.

The end of this story yet, but he’s close. Writing in the school the statement with the request to allow her daughter to wear classic trousers and receiving a negative reply, Olga Zenkova and other parents decided to apply to the Prosecutor’s office.

A similar story has happened in Samara a year ago — in August 2016, the media became aware that the school # 22 girls were forbidden to wear trousers, and the decision was taken at a meeting of the school Board. However, the management of the institution had given in support of prohibition is not such an absurd explanation — Samara teachers were irritated that the girls are too immodest tight pants.