Found the biggest dinosaur in the world

Found the biggest dinosaur in the world

The largest known dinosaur scientists (and generally the largest animal land) weighed 69 tons and lived about 100 million years ago.

A new species of titanosaurs, Patagotitan mayorum described in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

The remains of a dinosaur first discovered by a shepherd, Aurelio Hernandez on Patagonian ranch La’m sure you in 2012. The rancher called out to paleontologists, and after 18 months they pulled out of the ground all the bones — as it turned out, six individuals. The finding so impressed the scientists of the National research Council (Argentina) that they gave a skeleton to the American Museum of natural history, where it was exhibited in 2016, when a new kind of haven’t even received a name. Only now it was called Patagotitan mayorum — in honor of Patagonia, the Greek titans and the family of the rancher.

Analysis of the bones showed that the individuals were killed before reaching their maximum growth. However, even then patheticaly up to 15 metres in height and weighed about 70 tons.

All six individuals were recovered from three geological layers: probably the fact that they all died at the lake, where they and other herbivorous lizards come to drink. Perhaps during periods of drought the lake dried up, and the dinosaurs died off its coast from thirst. Their remains came to eat lizards, scavengers, dragging the bones of their victims deep in clay, which facilitated the fossilization.