Arab airline introduced a dress code for passengers

Arab airline introduced a dress code for passengers

The flagship airline of Saudi Arabia, announced the introduction of a dress code for passengers. New rules published on the website of the carrier.

Travelers are forbidden to receive on Board Saudia Airlines in clothes that may be uncomfortable or offend their fellow travelers.

Women should wear outfits that covers arms and legs. In addition, their clothes should not be transparent or too tight. Male passengers not to wear shorts.

According to BBC News, Saudia Airlines reserves the right to refuse flights and take flights of tourists who do not observe dress code.

A number of Twitter users reacted negatively to these measures. One microblogger wondered how Saudi Arabia can simultaneously attract foreign guests and to specify how they should dress.

Another user asked whether the same dress code introduced for stewardesses. “Flight attendants have to wear Abaya (a traditional Arabic women dress — approx. “Of the”)?” — he wrote.

In Saudi Arabia women must wear the hijab. For compliance with this rule monitors the religious police.