A resident of Kaliningrad for employment learned of his “death” 13 years ago

The Prosecutor of the Central area of Kaliningrad has directed to city court of Ekaterinburg the claim about changing the record of the death of a local resident. 41-year-old man was forced to go to the office after he learned that the number dead for 13 years. This was reported on Thursday, August 10, on the website of the regional Prosecutor’s office.

In April 2016 a man for the first time in many years employed with formal contracts. When the company filed statements with the Pension Fund, it turned out that the account of the employee is closed on the basis of the act about his death. The employee addressed to the Registrar, but he was denied in the amendments to the record.

The Prosecutor’s office established that in July 2004 the infectious diseases hospital of the Kaliningrad region in serious condition a man came in without documents. He died in intensive care in August of the same year. While the identity of the patient was made to map only with his words.

As it turned out, they coincide with the information about the applicant, differed by place of residence: the patient reported that actually live in abandoned cottages in Kaliningrad, although spelled out in Sochi. The victim was registered in Sovetsk. In the end, because of an error was issued a medical certificate by the entry in the name of a living person.

It is noted that in 2015 the male applicant have a driver’s license, in 2013, his daughter was born, and the year before he married.

In July it was reported that in Chelyabinsk Prosecutor’s office filed a lawsuit to invalidate the record of the death of 66-year-old pensioner, made three years ago in Perm. In may 2015 the decision of the court is recognized as a living inhabitant of Kemerovo, who for several years had difficulty obtaining medical care and employment, was listed as dead.