Trump has promised US eternal global dominance

Donald Trump

American President Donald trump thinks that the US will always be the most powerful country in the world. About this he wrote on Twitter.

“My first order as President was to update and modernize our nuclear Arsenal. Now he is much more powerful. I hope we never have to use this power. We will always be the most powerful country in the world!” — the politician wrote.

On 8 August, the head of state said that if Pyongyang would threaten Washington, it is waiting for retribution. “North Korea will face such fire and rage, what else the world has seen,” said trump to journalists during a press conference at his Golf club in new Jersey.

In the night of Tuesday, the DPRK threatened to go on “physical actions” in response to the adoption by the UN Security Council in respect of new sanctions. In addition, Pyongyang called the new UN security Council resolution a “terrorist act”. Previously, North Korea has rejected “concocted by the US and hostile forces” document as violating the sovereignty of the DPRK.