Toothpaste caused a rare and deadly disease

Toothpaste caused a rare and deadly disease

62-year-old Briton contracted a rare neurological disorder, the cause of which turned out to be pasta for the care of dentures. On rare occasion, reported in the journal BMJ Case Reports, briefly about it tells Gizmodo.

The first symptoms were pain and numbness in the legs. The condition deteriorated over six months, with the result that he was forced to use a cane, and eventually stopped going. Doctors found a lesion of the spinal cord induced by acute copper deficiency in the body. A deficiency of this metal affects bones, blood vessels, immune system, contributing to loss of fine motor control of the limbs. In severe cases it can lead to death.

Experts have determined that was the cause of copper deficiency: excessive content in the body of the Briton zinc. Although zinc is an important human trace element, it can bind to the same receptors that the copper ions, disturbing the chemical balance in the cells.

It is reported that cases used per week for three-cameramobile paste with zinc to care for dentures, which caused intoxication. The introduction into the organism of copper stopped the development of the disease, however, the British now confined to a wheelchair.