The number of victims of earthquake in China rose to 19

The number of victims of the earthquake in Sichuan province in China has risen to 19 people. About it reports Reuters.

Another 247 were injured. Among the victims were two locals and eight tourists, the identity of the other is not yet established. Which countries the victims, is also unknown. It is reported that among the wounded was a man from France and a woman from Canada.

In total, Chinese rescuers evacuated from the disaster area 45 thousand tourists, about a thousand more waiting for help. Any of them could not get through due to debris and landslides. Some tourists camped at the airport to Jiuzhaigou, waiting to be able to move through the air.

It is noted that in the area of the earthquake was recorded about 770 aftershocks.

The earthquake occurred in Jiuzhaigou at 21:19 local time (16:19 MSK). In this district there is a reserve, known for its multi-level waterfalls and colorful lakes, and in 1992 it was declared a UNESCO world heritage site.