The media reported the development of a new U.S. strategy in Afghanistan

Donald Trump

The white house is developing a new strategy for participation in military operations in Afghanistan. About it reports USA Today with reference to one of the authors of the plan — the founder of private military company (PMC) Blackwater Erik Prince.

The new strategy involves the active use of PMCs. According to the developers, in Afghanistan will be transferred 5.5 thousand mercenaries, mostly ex-commandos who will basically serve as military advisers. In addition, it is planned to create a private air force of 90 aircraft, which will support the Afghan army from the air.

According to the calculations of Prins, the new strategy will cost the U.S. budget less than $ 10 billion a year, compared with 40 billion that the Pentagon plans to spend in Afghanistan in 2017.

It clarifies the issue, the White house has both supporters and opponents of the plan. In particular, it is a serious concern of the Minister of defense of Jim Mattis and Herbert McMaster — adviser to the President of the United States Donald trump on national security. On the other hand, the involvement of private military companies is the political consultant Stephen Bannon.

At the moment are in Afghanistan, 8.4 thousand American soldiers. They mainly train the local troops, but often they have to participate in the fighting against the Taliban.