The American tried to arrange six dates in the same bar failed

The American tried to arrange six dates in the same bar failed

A resident of Washington (DC) Plant Lisette (Lisette Pylant) shared on Twitter a story about a bad blind date. This drew the attention of the publication Mashable.

American broadcast what is happening in the social network directly from the meeting, and published dozens of tweets attracted the attention of Network users. The most popular of the series, the publication collected almost 10 thousand likes and four thousand retweets.

Plant came to the meeting with the guy advised friends. Friend the bartender texted her before the date that her partner for the evening is not very good, but she still decided to go.

After 45 minutes at the bar there was one girl who, as it turned out, also came to meet with the same guy. Plant podgadat moment and explained that what a ridiculous situation they were in. In a similar way, the institution appeared four girls.

After a few hours they’re already vacationing together without sponsoring a guy who still showed up to the bar, but left alone with unpaid account.

In the comments the users agreed that the girls did everything right and happy for their new friendship.