-Protruding from the car window baby filed a case

In Krasnoyarsk region criminal case concerning the inhabitant zelenogorska, who stuck his baby from the window of the car and swept that way. This was reported on the website of the regional Central Board of the Investigative Committee.

31-year-old man suspected of committing a crime under article 156 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“default of duties on education of minors”).

The consequence considers that he “was applied to his young daughter cruel and unacceptable in a moral sense parenting”. For example, in February 2016, the suspect stood on the edge of the roof of nine-floor house, and took the leg of a three-month daughter, on her arm kept her head down.

Photo: Roman Romanov page in “Vkontakte”

In June of the same year he sat the child, which, according to preliminary data, was ten months, the window of the BMW and drove some distance.

Video: channel 7 Krasnoyarsk / YouTube

The attention of the press, and then the police video and photos of the user “Vkontakte” with the name Roman Romanov drew in August 2017.

As told to “7 channel”, the representative of the Central Board SK Olga Shamanskaya, the first man said that the footage is a doll, but later admitted that it was his eldest daughter. He lives with his wife and brings up another girl — she was born in 2017. The family is characterised positively. Officially, the father was not working.

In the near future questioning of the suspect and resolved the issue on election of a preventive measure.

Judging by a profile in the social network, the man loves dangerous stunts pictures he hangs his head down, holding the feet for the rope, or standing on the edge of the balcony. On his page in “Vkontakte” there are indecent pictures and obscene language.