Poll: 80% of Russians assess the state of the economy of medium or lower


RIA Novosti

According to the poll, the index estimates the Russians of the economic situation in the country amounted to 47 p. back to January 2017.

“The index of assessments of the economic situation of the country after the maximum value of the current year recorded in may (p. 51), returned to the previous level, in July the value of the index was 47 p. (for comparison, in January of this year — the same result in July 2016 — p. 34),” — said in the survey.

The country’s economic situation, 55% of Russians assessed as average and 17% above average, and 25% give a rating below average.

The assessment of the material situation of their family has not changed and amounted to 55 p. It is estimated as the average of 61% of the respondents gave a positive assessment 16% of respondents negatively assessed their financial situation 22%.

The survey was conducted on July 27 and August 1 in 130 populated localities in 46 regions the eight Federal districts. The number of respondents is 1600 people.