Near Paris a car ran into the military

Continued: Hitting the machines at the French military called a planned act

In the Paris suburb of Levallois-Perret car ran into a group of soldiers participating in the antiterrorist operation Sentinelle. About it reports Reuters.

Six people were injured — four light, two more serious.

The culprit of the accident fled the scene. Paris police Department said that looking for him. BMTV says that this is a dark-skinned man. Also known car brand — BMW.

According to TV channel, the incident occurred at 8:15 local time (9:15 GMT). The military were in the barracks, where stationed. Two of the victims sent to the military hospital Percy in Hauts-de-Seine (North of Paris Department).

7 APR one of the Central streets of Stockholm truck crashed into a crowd of pedestrians and stopped only after he entered the storefront. As a result, five people were killed and 15 received injuries of varying severity. The authorities acknowledged the incident a terrorist attack. The main suspect was a 39-year-old native of Uzbekistan Rakhmat Akilov. He was detained on the same day.