Media has announced a ban on hookahs in the Russian bars and restaurants

In Russian the restaurants and bars will ban the use of hookahs and wapow. On Wednesday, August 9, the newspaper “Izvestia”.

Specifies that such limitations of the project “healthy lifestyle”, approved in late July by the Presidium of the Council under the Russian President for strategic development. Documents aimed at counteracting the use of wapow and hookahs, should be ready by February 2018. The project also envisages that sell hookahs and electronic cigarettes will be persons older than 18 years.

In April 2018 it is planned to introduce a marking of the most useful products, which will be run by the producers themselves. All in all, the re-education of Russians, the authorities plan to spend three and a half billion rubles.

The source of “Izvestiya” in the government said that the project will be stricter rules on alcohol sales. Specific limitations the developers plan to determine by October 2018.

On 7 August it was reported that in a government-approved passport of the priority project “Formation of healthy lifestyle” indicates that the share of adherents of a healthy way of life among Russians by 2020 to grow to 50 percent. In 2017 the country has 36% of supporters of healthy lifestyles, by 2025 their share is expected to increase to 60 percent, the document says.