McCain criticized trump for threatening the DPRK

McCain criticized trump for threatening the DPRK

WASHINGTON, 9 Aug — RIA Novosti, Alexei Bogdanovsky. Influential Senator John McCain criticized President Donald trump, who promised to respond “fire and fury” for possible provocations from the DPRK.

“I do not agree with the comment of the President, because if you say you intend to do something, you have to be capable of it. I don’t think so you need to approach such issue, to a similar call,” said McCain on radio KTAR.

The Senator also said that he did not quite understand the meaning of the words trump. “I don’t know what he was saying, I have long stopped trying to interpret what he says. It’s not something terrible, but this is a classic trump, in the sense that he exaggerates,” said he.

McCain is Chairman of the Committee on armed services of the Senate and in this capacity has a great influence on foreign and defense policy of the United States. McCain is known as a “hawk” in his approach to foreign policy. Earlier in July, 80-year-old Senator underwent surgery, after which he was diagnosed with brain cancer. Despite serious illness, McCain has no plans to retire from Congress.