Kidnapped in Italy the model is suspect in a lie

Kidnapped in Italy the model is suspect in a lie

In early August the world’s media wrote about the 20-year-old British model Chloe Eileen, who was kidnapped in Milan, a citizen of Poland, tried to sell the girl into sexual slavery. The girl was released, the circumstances of this case the police are investigating. Some investigators suspect the British in a lie, according to Yahoo!.

According to Eileen, her lured to Milan, ostensibly to conclude a contract for the shooting. However, instead of the photo shoot, the girl was drugged, stripped, loaded into the trunk and drove to the farm where they kept confined to the chest for six days. The model told, however, that she was treated very carefully, though, and threatened to kill him if she escapes. The kidnappers never tried to rape Eileen, and even gave her gifts.

One of the attackers, a citizen of Poland Lukas Erba, decided to let the girl go, when she learned that she has two children. The man said that the majority of mothers not in the rules. He took the model to the building of the British Consulate and surrendered to the police.

At the moment, the guards interrogate the model about the circumstances of the incident. On the second day of interviews, police learned that the thief took the victim to a Shoe store, where he bought her shoes. It happened on the eve of the release of the Brits. In response to question police about how this could happen, Eileen burst into tears, saying he could not give a “logical explanation” of Erba.

We also found out that the pole tried to sell the story of the crime reporters. In addition, some witnesses said that they saw Erba and Eileen together long before the abduction.

Some journalists believe that the model and her boyfriend staged the kidnapping of a girl to make her the world is. The investigation is ongoing.