In Tunisia killed the leader of local branch “al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb”

Tunisian national guard killed the leader of a local terrorist organization sworn to “al-Qaeda of the Islamic Maghreb” (banned in Russia). About it reports Reuters.

“As a result of an ambush organized by the National guard, was eliminated two terrorists and seized their weapons,” — said the press Secretary of the national guard of the Caliph Shibani.

It is reported that one of the dead — Murad Saab, the leader of the Islamist group “Okba bin NAFA” operating in the mountains on the border with Algeria. Previously it was run by his brother Khaled, but he was destroyed by security forces two years ago. After this part of the militants took the oath of allegiance banned in Russia “Islamic state” (IG).

“Al-Qaeda of the Islamic Maghreb” (until 2006 “Salafist group for preaching and battles”) — the Islamist group based in Algeria and to arrange attacks across the region.