Four Chinese in the Japanese form, insulted the memory of ancestors who fought

Four Chinese in Japanese uniform during the Second world war was photographed near the warehouse Sihan in Shanghai, causing an uproar in social networks. About it reports The South China Morning Post.

The picture appeared on social network Weibo (Chinese version Twitter). “It’s open traitors, they walk with impunity across the land of China. What, does no one intervene? In Germany the state is dealing with such cases, and why in China there is no such?” — quotes the edition of one of the posts.

The identity of violators of public order and the reasons for their behavior could not be established around a warehouse is not installed surveillance cameras. Observers, however, have a lead: in one of the other social networks the user — apparently one of the offenders wrote: “About warehouse Sahana there were so many people to make a group photo was a lucky break. In just a few seconds time”.

The message was accompanied by several photos of young men in Japanese uniform — the author clarifies that they were in a seven-day trip to Shanghai.

The battle for the warehouse Sihan — episode Sino-Japanese war, the beginning of the final phase of the battle for Shanghai. During the fighting killed about 10 of more than 200 Chinese and Japanese, however, the forces of the Republic of China were forced to retreat.

August 5, police detained about Berlin Reichstag two ziguyuschih Chinese. Tourists accused of “use of symbols of banned organizations”. They were released after payment of bail of 500 Euro for each.