Finland lost came to gather berries Ukrainians

Finland lost came to gather berries Ukrainians

Finland lost 37 Ukrainians and three citizens of Estonia who came to pick berries. On Tuesday, August 8, reports Yle.

As noted, on July 30, Secretary of wildlife society of the city Tuupovaara Rip Suhonen received a call asking for location to pick berries people. Ukrainians and Estonians were given house hunting and food.

It is known that the group initially had to go to the city of Yuka, but this trip for unknown reasons was cancelled at the last moment. A few days later Suhonen has contacted law enforcement to know what to do with these people further.

8 Aug to home, which was placed in a 37 Ukrainians and three Estonians, the police arrived and he Suhonen, but inside the building they discovered no one. In conversation with Yle Suhonen noted that he had seen near the house are traces of a vehicle, presumably a bus.

Suhonen tried to find out who had to work these people, however, none of the entrepreneurs engaged in this activity knew nothing about this group. The local police refused to embark on the search for the missing, as he sees no motive for the crime.

The newspaper Karjalainen indicates that the tour organizer was a businessman from Russia. It is noted that arrival in this area on 30 July looks strange, since the berries ripen in Tuupovaara, usually two weeks later.