Employee bi-Bi-si watched a live movie with nudity

Employee bi-Bi-si watched a live movie with nudity

MOSCOW, 9 Aug — RIA Novosti. Stormy discussion was caused by the choice of film that made the employee of TV channel bi-Bi-si for viewing in the workplace during the news release: footage of a naked woman besides him could see about 3.8 million viewers, writes the Daily Mail newspaper.

According to the newspaper, a man wearing headphones was sitting in a TV Studio at the computer behind the leading news release in such a way that the audience was visible on his monitor. On the record news shows how a woman undresses and takes off bra. Presumably, this could be a love scene from the film.

According to the newspaper, this edition of Monday night was viewed by 3.8 million viewers. The incident provoked a strong reaction among users of social networks. The TV station said it is investigating the incident.

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