Beat a boy for skateboarding employee “Pyaterochka” dismissed

An employee of the supermarket “Pyaterochka” in the suburban village of Lesnoy Gorodok, which beat 10-year-old boy due to the fact that he stood in the store on a skateboard, dismissed. On Tuesday, August 8, reports RIA Novosti with reference to the children’s Ombudsman in Moscow region Xenia Mironova.

“This employee already dismissed”, — told Mironova.

Earlier on Tuesday a source in law enforcement bodies told “” that the employee of store attacked who came to the store with a skateboard and embarked on his cash-on-line 10-year-old schoolboy. Also at the disposal of edition there was a video of the incident.

It is known that the incident occurred in mid-July. According to available information, the boy went to the store for food for cats. To get to the store, he picked up a skateboard. Already at the cashier paying for the goods, he stood up on the Board. Immediately after this he was attacked by an employee of the store. The woman squeezed the neck with his elbow and struck several blows on the head, simultaneously trying to take away the vehicle. Other visitors managed to pull the angry woman from him, and he was able to leave the store.