At pampered puppy does not develop a career

At pampered puppy does not develop a career

Scientists have found that the relationship between the puppy and its mother affect the effectiveness of dog training in the future.

Research on this topic was published in the journal Science.

Worldwide there are many programs of breeding and training guide dogs for the blind. However, only 70% of the puppies participating in these programs can become a full-fledged guide dogs in adulthood.

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania decided to find out what is the reason, and found that 30% of pups whose mothers licked, cleaned and that is very actively courting three times less likely to grow into good dogs.

In the course of the study, the researchers tested the ability of dogs to remain focused, execute commands, and to solve complex problems, for example, a maze and finding food. Those dogs, which mother carefully tended, was more nervous.

Moreover, those puppies are in the process of feeding most of the time lying on his belly, was approximately four times less successful than those puppies who were fed sitting. This is because such a posture requires more effort and exposure of the puppies.