The U.S. justice Department accused the mayor of Chicago harboring criminals

The U.S. justice Department accused the mayor of Chicago harboring criminals

WASHINGTON, 8 Aug. /TASS/. Authorities in Chicago (Illinois) decided to challenge the Federal government in the area of US immigration policy and began to engage in deliberate concealment of criminals from illegally entering us territory by foreigners.

This accusation was put forward in the address of the mayor of Chicago Democrat Rahm Emanuel, the Minister of justice, the U.S. attorney General Jeff sessions, representing the ruling Republican party.

“The political leadership of Chicago consciously and deliberately decided to choose a course that obstructed the lawful immigration system of our country to such an extent that probably has not been surpassed in any other administrative-territorial formation (USA),” — said in a statement released on Monday a written statement and Roman sessions.

From his point of view, the authorities of Chicago “show open hostility” and reluctance to obey “laws, designed to protect law enforcement agencies” and to reduce crime.

The city of Chicago has developed “the official policy for the protection of criminals among foreigners,” said sessions. “It is shocking when you consider the unprecedented upsurge of crime in Chicago, where the murder rate in 2016 was greater than in new York and Los Angeles combined,” — said the Minister. His statement was issued in connection with the fact that the authorities in Chicago have filed a lawsuit against the DOJ, claiming the unconstitutionality of limiting the issuance of Federal grants to those cities that do not comply with tightened immigration controls.