The interior Ministry fired the organizers of the escort members of the “gang GTA”

The interior Ministry fired the organizers of the escort members of the “gang GTA”

After the internal review of the attack of bandits on the convoy, two officers were fired from the internal organs, and several others received disciplinary punishments.


MIA found guilty in the fact that members of the “gang GTA” was able to disarm the convoy in Moscow regional court. According to spokeswoman Irina Volk, disciplined several employees of the Main Department of internal Affairs across Moscow region.

For the allowed violations dismissed from service in bodies of internal Affairs, the commander of the Separate company of protection and escort of suspects and accused, as well as Deputy platoon commander of the unit.Irina Volatilely the representative of the Ministry

In addition, the warning about incomplete official correspondence received two Deputy commanders and second-in-command of a platoon of the same company and the head of the organization of the protection of public order GU MVD of Moscow region, as well as his Deputy and head of departments.

1 August 2017 five members of the “gang GTA”, which translated from the hall of the Moscow regional court has managed to stop the Elevator and attacked the two guards, took their keys to the handcuffs and weapons. Armed bandits appeared at the third floor of a building of the Moscow regional court, where it clashed with soldiers of Regardie, who accompanied the accused on another case. In the shootout, three bandits were killed and two more wounded and disabled.

Later, the head of Regardie Viktor Zolotov said that the organization of the escort of the members of the “gang GTA” was committed “gross violations of the user”, in particular, the defendants were accompanied by only two police officers instead of ten.