The Governor urged officials to take up beautification of the courtyards

Andrei Vorobyov

The courtyards in Moscow must be carried out taking into account the views of local residents, said the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov. His words leads RIAMA on Monday, August 7th.

“This Saturday the President held a Council on local government in the Kirov region. The two trunk lines that sounded, began regular meetings with residents and landscaping. The issues of improvement is not as decide officials, as well as how to decide the Council house,” he said at a government meeting.

The Governor stressed that summer vacations should not interfere with effective work in this direction. “We still have municipalities that are engaged in these activities poorly. Generally pay attention to strict attitude to improvement,” he said.

On 10 July the Governor of the Moscow region instructed promptly to work requests from residents of the region received on the direct line with President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Thus he focused attention on complaints relating to landscaping. According to him, in the summer season it is possible to implement the appropriate program.