Putin visited the outpatient clinic N1 in Kirov, where he praised doctor Timothy


RIA Novosti

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Saturday clinic №1 of the Kirov clinical diagnostic center, after reviewing the patient records on Board feedback and suggestions.

From April 2017 this institution participates in the Federal pilot project “Lean hospital” , aimed at improving the availability and quality of medical care by optimizing processes.

In the inspection clinics were also attended by the Minister of health of Russia Veronika Skvortsova and the first Deputy head of presidential administration of the Russian Federation Sergey Kirienko, Plenipotentiary representative of the President in Volga Federal district Mikhail Babich.

Chief physician of clinic Sofia voytko told the President about the implementation of the project. Putin inspected the entrance hall, reception room, doctor’s office, the Board reviews and suggestions.

According to voytko, in the course of the project reduced the waiting time in the treatment room three times to 10 minutes, time with the patient increased three times, up to 9 minutes. “We serve 192 thousand of the adult population of the city is half the population of the city, so to us (is) a big responsibility for the health of the residents of the city of Kirov” , — said the chief doctor.

“In our structure 9 adults, two female consultations and large dental clinic, several offices,” said voytko.

The doctor-surgeon Andrey Kosolapov told the President that since January this year, the clinic earned a comprehensive medical information system (CMIS). Within its introduced electronic queue. Such measures allow to save time of patients in queues, he said.

President interested in Board feedback and suggestions, which the staff of the clinic studied the opinions of patients for the project. Among the complaints were: “on the third floor of a very stuffy,” ” to keep the therapists on the second floor,” mixed reviews “for” and “against” the coffee machine. All fixed, said voytko.

In addition, there were laudatory reviews about doctors. “Doctors such as Timothy, more,” said the President, noting a positive opinion about the doctor with the name Timothy.

On Saturday, Putin is in Kirov, where he plans to hold a meeting on the development of local government and meet with acting head of the region Igor Vasiliev.