Putin has demanded from the officials to stop the “bureaucratic football”



Russian regional authorities should not engage in “bureaucratic football”, they should be attentive to the proposals and initiatives of citizens, such a statement was made by President Vladimir Putin, speaking at the Council for the development of local self-government. Putin stressed that “to ignore the ideas and proposals of citizens, to engage in “bureaucratic football” categorically wrong”, reports RIA “Novosti”.

“Caring and proactive approach to the problems of people — it is a great value and a very good reserve,” — said the head of state. He stressed that the initiative of citizens is important to maintain

“People tend to do something useful, and have many constructive ideas and proposals. And most importantly have the desire to implement them”, — he said. Putin called on regional officials to try to understand the proposal of the initiative of citizens or initiative groups. The head of state said that one of the key areas, which require close cooperation of local authorities and residents, is the landscaping. The President recalled that the government started implementing the Federal project for formation of a comfortable urban environment, the budget this year for this purpose was allocated 25 billion roubles.

Putin stressed that to build a house areas, parks, public spaces must, of course, taking into account the views of the citizens who live in these areas. The Russian leader stressed that this work should be done as necessary to the people, and not as convenient for those who organize it. Putin noted that this demand was not heeded by all leaders of the regions. According to him, someone decided that in this matter you can get rid of the imitation of voices of the inhabitants. Such officials, he added, showed a clear disrespect to the citizens and even neglect.

According to him, the dialogue with the citizens and seeking their feedback should be a priority in the work of local authorities, as the municipal level of government closest to the people, to their real concerns. Putin also noted that the task of the Council for municipal development — increasing the level of life of Russians, what is the purpose of government at any level.

“We in this Council does not deal with issues of space exploration, Arctic, construction, submarine, surface fleet, aviation — all of this is important for the country. But the issues that we deal with in the Council, simple, trivial, current,” — said the President. The quality of the solutions to these questions depends largely on the standard of living of Russian citizens, which is the main, stressed the President. We will remind, Putin on Saturday has arrived to Kirov, where he conducts the meeting.