Putin ensured Abkhazia’s independence and autonomy

Putin ensured Abkhazia’s independence and autonomy

PITSUNDA, 8 Aug — RIA Novosti. Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Abkhazia, where he met with head of the Republic Raul Khadzhimba.

This is the first visit of Putin to Abkhazia since the end of August 2013.

We have something to talk about, but the most important thing is that we have a special, very special relations with Abkhazia. We reliably guarantee the security and independence of Abkhazia’s independence. I am sure that this will continue.
Vladimir Putin

Now, according to him, it is necessary to find only the optimal ways of development of economy of Abkhazia.

Putin also mentioned the work in the field of maintenance of defensibility of the Republic. “United group is developing into a very good, solid base, we have agreement and further steps,” he said.

The safety of tourists

Another important issue was to ensure the safety of tourists in Abkhazia. Putin said that he expects the joint work of law enforcement agencies of the two countries in this area. He recalled the agreement on the organization of the clearing house, the ministries of internal Affairs of Russia and Abkhazia.

Mean that the citizens of Abkhazia, and Russian, and the guests, wherever they came, including from Russia, should understand and feel that they are under reliable protection.Vladimir Putin

“I very much hope, hope that this joint work will improve the security of staying here tourists,” he added.

Recently, in Abkhazia there have been a number of incidents with the Russians in July in the Gudauta district attacked a group of tourists, killing Russian Andrey Kabanov, and then reported the robbery of a Russian family who moved to the Republic, and in early August in an explosion at an ammunition depot in the village of Primorsk killed two Russian tourists and injured more than 60 people.