Putin arrived in Kirov



Vladimir Putin arrived in Volgograd, where he will hold session of Council about local government development. The President also will visit the new clinic, established in the framework of the project “Lean hospital”.

The Kremlin noted that the Council meeting will be devoted to the results of the project “creation of a comfortable urban environment”, as well as participation in local government. Then the President will meet with acting Governor of the Kirov region, Igor Vasiliev.

In addition, Putin will visit the clinic of the Kirov clinical diagnostic center, participating in the Federal pilot project “Lean hospital”. The project is aimed at improving the availability and quality of medical care by optimizing processes.

Earlier, the Minister of healthcare Veronika Skvortsova noted that this project will help 12 time to reduce the waiting time for your appointment. He is already being implemented in 99 clinics in 37 regions of the country. According to the Minister, this “factory of technology” does not require a cash outlay. The fact that normal logistics and organizational processes, reports “Interfax”.