Ministry of ecology of Moscow region fined musoropererabotka 120 thousand rubles

The Ministry of ecology and nature management of Moscow region fined the company for recycling, LLC “Ekopromservis” in Khimki for violation of rules of waste management. This was reported on the Agency’s website on Tuesday, August 7th.

“Society was fined 120 thousand rubles and received understanding of the need to eliminate violations. The situation around the complex and the landfill is under the control of the Ministry,” said its head Alexander Kogan.

The audit was conducted according to numerous appeals of citizens that complained that debris from site scatters in residential neighborhoods.

During the inspection inspectors econadzor found on the production site of the landfill up to a height of three meters. The plot from the landfill has no fence, disinfection bath for washing the wheels of trucks not being used and is overgrown, the report says.

On 1 August it was reported that specialists of the Ministry of ecology of Moscow region and activists of the popular front raided Ramenskom area, which controlled the process of liquidation of illegal dumps.

On 19 July it was reported that in the Moscow region in the framework of the project “General cleaning” liquidated thirty-one dump. The next day, 30 cubic meters of household and construction debris eliminated in the Noginsk district at the request of the Ministry of environment.