In Warsaw detained trampled the flag of Poland the Germans

Police in Warsaw arrested three German citizens suspected of desecration of the Polish flag. On Monday, August 7, reports Dziennik.

The incident occurred in the city center at the intersection of Chmielna and Zelazny next to the building, where the management of urban roads. According to police, foreign men tore the house flag and began to trample it. Detainees from 21 years to 25 years, which was caused by their actions, not reported.

The Polish penal code provides for punishment for the desecration of the national flag in the form of a fine or imprisonment for a year.

In early August, Poland said the 73-th anniversary of the Warsaw uprising. Speaking on 1 August on this occasion, the country’s defense Minister Anthony Macierewicz accused the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany in collusion, the purpose of which was extermination of poles.

The next day the defense Minister said that Berlin is obliged to pay Warsaw reparations for the damage caused during the Second world war, and crimes against the Polish nation. The expected amount he is not named.