In the Federation Council explained the need for the municipal filter

Andrei Klishas

Municipal filter that requires candidates for Governor to enlist the support of local MPs can be improved, but it is necessary no doubt. This opinion was expressed to RIA Novosti by the head of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation Andrey Klishas Monday, August 7th.

According to the Senator, the municipal filter “serves to increase political competition in the field, and strengthens and fills the real content of the constitutional principle of democracy”.

He did not rule out that the mechanism in the future can be changed. The amendments should strengthen “the political role of local authorities”, and this, in turn, will strengthen the “economic base”, said Klishas.

“The current mechanism (…) is directed primarily to stimulate all political forces that are really interested in solving the problems of the population and improve people’s lives, go to work, engage in political activities at the municipal level,” — said the member of the Federation Council, stressing that many parties are not interested to work in the field.

On 2 August it was reported that the Central election Commission reviewed the situation with the passage of the municipal filter in 16 Russian regions where gubernatorial elections will be held in the fall. According to the Commission, not less than 60% of signatures of municipal deputies remained unclaimed.