In Colorado a bear stole SUV

In Colorado a bear stole SUV

In the U.S. city of Durango, Colorado, a bear broke into a parked SUV of a private home, drove it off the road and crashed into a mailbox. Reported by the Associated Press.

The animal broke the steering wheel, tore off the radio and kicked the rear window of the car. Awakened by the noise the neighbors called the police, but by the arrival of the guards, the bear managed to escape.

#Bear takes SUV for a short drive in #Durangoco neighborhood. Subaru trashed, mailbox damaged.

— Durango Herald (@DurangoHerald) on 4 August 2017
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Apparently, the beast had accidentally rented a car with hand brake or turned the transmission into neutral. Then the car rolled down the slope and collided with a mailbox.

In July it was reported that a bear got into County jail, located in Durango. Sheriff’s deputies tried to get him to leave but only got chased up a tree. He later fled to the hills near the prison.